About & Legal Information of the HONcode Certification Platform


The HONcode Certification platform is a service of the Health On the Net (HON) Foundation that enables website developers and mobile health applications wishing to obtain the HONcode certification or for the already certified website to submit their service for re-certification, update their HONcode certification data and follow up on this certification.

This platform is only accessible after registration and its use is reserved for the persons mentioned above.

It is hosted on the Amazon Web Service (AWS) and is maintained by the Health On the Net Foundation (IDE CHE-110.400.407, rue Gabrielle-Perret-Gentil 4, c / o University Hospitals of Geneva, e-health and telemedicine service, 1205 Geneva). More details on the organization of the HON Foundation available here

The HONcode Certification platform is funded by the HON Foundation, which does not accept or host any advertising.

Terms of service

The use of the HONcode Certification platform is subject to the full acceptance of these general conditions as well as the general conditions of the contract signed during the certification application, which you will find at the bottom of the page

By accessing the platform, you agree to regularly refer to the latest version of the General Terms and Conditions permanently available on it.

When submitting a service to HONcode certification, you accept the contract drafted by the HON Foundation and available in standard format at the bottom of this page.

In case of disagreement with these conditions, please do not consult the HON service. HON reserves the right to prohibit access to the site.

Use of the content of the site: Copyright

All information (including graphics and website design) contained on the HONcode Certification platform is copyrighted © "Health On the Net" Foundation, owned by the Health On the Net Foundation.

The platform material (information, text and image) may be used or distributed for non-commercial purposes if this Copyright: HON 1995-20019. © Health On the Net Foundation remains intact in every document or information source and a link to the web source is associated with it. Regarding the certification report that the Foundation sends you (self-evaluation report and evaluation report), its reports are confidential and can not be transmitted or reproduced. The HONcode seal is issued by the Foundation to demonstrate HONcode compliance of the service. No other use outside of this context is allowed.

For the use of HONcode Certification site material , please send an email to Please enable Javascript to view .

The content may not be used for commercial purposes, except in special cases and following written authorization.

The reproduction of any content extracted from a site remains under the copyright of the latter.

HONcode Certification: a secure connection via https

HONcode Certification is secured by a Secure Sockets Layer (https) certificate, establishing an encrypted link between the web server and the user's browser. This service is provided by LETSENCRYPT.

Consult the privacy policy

Consult the standard certification contract

Date of last update: November 2019